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Özerin Zeytinlik Dormitory


Özerin Zeytinlik Dormitory

Özerin Zeytinlik Student Dormitory has been designed to help our students pursue their studies in a relaxed environment, and to offer the best possible options and convenience.

✔ Our dormitory have 92 bed capacity and is located at Zeytinlik, Girne.

✔ Özerin Zeytinlik Student Dormitory has been approved by Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of National Education and Culture.

✔ Özerin Zeytinlik Dormitory has been opened in 2019. It is 1,5 kilometers away from Girne University, 5,1 kilometeres away from Kıbrıs İlim University, 8 kilometers away from Uluslarası Final University. Also, it is 3 km away from city center and in walking distance to bus stops.

✔ Our dormitory offer safe, modern and technological service to our students in a cozy environment

✔ Students’ satisfaction is important for us. Our rooms have been designed for our students’ comfort. We have both single and double rooms. Our personnel is ready to solve your problems 7/24. For your safety, we have access control system for rooms and camera system in out dormitory.

Rooms are cleaned by our personnel. You can wash and dry your clothes in utility room.

✔ Wireless is free to use.

✔ You can meet with your guests at Karşılama Lobisi Cafe. We have infirmary, TV room and study rooms.

✔ We have housing spaces, a gym and study rooms.

✔ We have mountainview, seaspace and a modern architecture